PT 3D PowerTome Ultramicrotomes

The Million-Nanometer Ultramicrotome

The PT 3D features a full 1 mm of advance, permitting uninterrupted ultrathin sectioning to a depth of one millimeter.   This is especially useful for 3D reconstruction work, array tomography and any situation where high amounts of trimming are involved, such as cryosectioning, with the ultrathin feed.

The PT 3D has a high definition video package where the sectioning process is displayed in real-time at the center of the computer monitor.

The ultramicrotome is controlled by a hybrid system with a touch screen monitor plus a digital tactile controller.

PT 3D supplied with:

Computer with Windows operating system

Touch screen monitor/controller

Digital tactile controller

Specimen orientation mount

Universal transilluminating specimen holder & wrench

7mm flat specimen block transilluminating holder

Round block specimen holder



Wooden accessory box

Trimming block and post

Stage mounted air draft shield


Power cord

Interconnect cables

Dust cover


Instruction manual


Specimen auto feed: 1 mm (1,000 µm; 1,000,000 nm)

Section thickness: 5nm to 15µm

Cutting speed: 0.1 to 100mm/sec in 0.1mm/sec increments

Variable return speed over entire cutting speed range

Knife stage movement:

50mm gross advance

25mm E-W travel

12mm N-S advance

Knife Options:

Glass knives up to 12mm wide

Triangular tungsten carbide knives

Any commercial brand of diamond knives

Stereo microscope trinocular Zeiss Stemi 508 doc:

8:1 zoom

6.3x to 50x magnification

10x WF (23mm) eyepieces

35° viewing angle

Power Supply (specify upon order):

100/120/220/240V 50/60HZ


PowerTome crate 840mm x 560mm x 635mm

Two accessory cartons:

610mm x 610mm x 610mm

610mm x 508mm x 305mm

Net weight: 89 kg (189 lbs.)

Gross weight: 110 kg (242 lbs)