HPM010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

The HPM 010 provides sustained high pressure during the freezing cycle due to its hydraulic system (instead of the pneumatic alternative).  Sustained high pressure yields good freezing quality throughout a 100-200 micrometer thick specimen.

With hundreds of installations worldwide and cited work, the HPM 010 has a well-established user group.

The HPM010 is supplied with:

Instrument cabinet containing high & low pressure generation system

Mobility package with HPM 010 mounted on 4 caster wheels, 2 with locking jacks

Specimen pressure chamber

Temperature & pressure control system

Specimen holder with hinged tip recessed for 3mm diameter X 0.5mm deep sample carriers

Test probe

Operating & display panel

Heating thermostat with stainless steel water bath and control head

Set of spares, P/N 690069, consisting of spare gaskets, o-ring seals, piston seals, slide rings and springs

Set of tools, P/N 690070, consisting of high pressure N2 gas charging adapter, hook spanner and expanding mandrel

Insulated specimen unloading device

50 type A aluminum specimen carriers

50 type B aluminum specimen carriers

3mm dia copper panama hat, pkg of 100 (double replica device) 4.5mm OD x 3.0mm ID x 0.1mm


Specimen thickness: 200µm to 6mm in diameter

Cooling time 0°C to -50°C: 10 minutes (measured between 3mm copper disc)

LN consumption: 10-20 liters/hour

Maximum processing sequence: 40 shots/hour (approximately)


1682mm x 1010mm 700mm

Net weight 450kg (992 lbs)