FS8500 Freeze Substitution Machine

The FS-8500 Freeze Substitution System is designed with safety & operator convenience in mind. With a large volume, easy access, top loading, temperature controlled substitution chamber samples are slowly and gently dehydrated in a solvent solution, following which they are embedded in resin blocks for room temperature sectioning.

Cryofixed samples, typically stored in LN2, are transferred into the FS-8500 where the substitution solvent is pre-programmed to a temperature below that where secondary ice crystal growth can occur.

Computer controlled for reliable and repeatable results.

The FS8500 is supplied with:

Low loss 50 liter liquid nitrogen Dewar on roller base

Large, top access, loading port & freeze substitution chamber

Stainless steel work top, 660mm x 660mm

Laptop computer with FS-8500 software and GUI factory installed

LED UV polymerization lamp

Specimen holder cup with rack

Polymerization holder cup with rack

Cryo manipulator tool

Stereomicroscope on adjustable boom support

Start up consumables package


Temperature Range: -140°C to +50°C

Temp stability: +/- 0.5°C

Coolant: Liquid Nitrogen

Power Supply (specify upon order):

100/120/220/240V 50/60HZ