ATUMtome: Automated Tape Collecting PowerTome Ultramicrotome

The Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome automates the section collecting process, improving work flow for imaging.

The ATUMtome ships as a complete, ready-to-use system with PowerTome PC, ATUM, all accessories, anti-vibration table, & chair.

The ATUM was developed in the Lichtman Lab at Harvard University.  The device is manufactured by Boeckeler Instruments under license issued by Harvard University.

The ATUMtome is supplied with:

PowerTome PC

ATUM continuous tape feed mechanism

ATUM control software on computer

Powertome attachment interface

Maxi boat diamond knife, 35° angle

Knife boat water level detection & control system

Wafer workstation with start-up supply of 4” wafers

Start-up supply of Kapton tape, silicon wafers, & adhesive backed carbon tape

Clear plastic environmental chamber

Static-line de-ionizer with stand

Anti-vibration table

Positioning slide rail


Lab chair

On-site installation & training