The PowerTome: A Fully Upgradeable Ultramicrotome System


Level 1: A complete workhorse for routine work

Ideal for the pathology laboratory, college or university EM laboratory or analytical laboratory

Equipped with a quality wide-field Zeiss stereomicroscope and basic tactile controller, the PT-XL has all the features needed for a busy hospital or university lab. It features the ultimate in operator simplicity making it ideal for the multi-user laboratory

Level 2: Touch-screen computer control

The PT PC without the the high-definition video package is the next step up.

Add the flexibility of the touch-screen PC computer screen for built-in Trim Functions, full control of the optional LN Ultra Cryosectioning System, automated record-keeping and other controls of the ultramicrotome operation.
The hybrid-control system maintains the easy to access tactile controller for the advantages of both control systems.

Adding Cat. No. 75844 PC Computer with control software and Touch Screen for $6,492 accomplishes this upgrade.

Level 3: High-definition video +

PT PC equipped with a Zeiss wide-field Trinocular Stereomicroscope and high definition video camera offers the ultimate in research capabilities. This addition of video gives a large center-of-the screen view of the ultramicrotomy operating field for recording special procedures, training new operators, imaging the block face and specimen. Also equipped with the VIA Measuring System for on-screen measurement of specimen features.
The record-keeping and shared viewing capability of the PT PC makes this the instrument of choice for sophisticated research.

Adding Cat. No. 75843Z High Definition Video Package with touch-screen computer and controller software and Zeiss Stemi 508 Trinocular Stereomicroscope with 1.3 megabit color video camera completes this upgrade for $16,025.

Level 4: 3D Reconstruction

Progressing on to the PT 3D, we have all the features of the PT PC with an advance mechanism capable of ultrathin sectioning to a total depth of 1mm.
Originally designed for 3-dimensional ultrastructural tomography, this ultramicrotome is ideally equipped with an ATUM automated tape collection system for continuous uninterrupted sectioning for an unprecedented 1mm depth.