Invitation to a Demonstration

Our RMC Boeckeler Team of sample preparation experts are dedicated to helping you select the right equipment for your material or bioscience application, as well as helping you learn the appropriate techniques on your RMC product of choice.

We’d like to invite you to experience our equipment in one of several ways:

1. Visiting RMC’s Lab in Tucson

Waiting for you at our lab in sunny Tucson, Arizona are the following:

  • Cryo-sectioning equipment: For those who need cryo temperatures in order to achieve the right results.
  • The RMC line of ultramicrotomes: RMC ultramicrotomes have the longest pedigree of excellence in the industry. In fact, RMC is the continuing operation of the company that introduced the first commerical ultramicrotome in 1953 — the famous Porter-Blum MT-1.
  • Experienced applications scientists.

To visit our lab, you can contact us to make an appointment or participate in one of our week-long Cryo-in-the-Sun workshops, which take place at our lab each spring and fall.

RMC application scientists Dr. Greg Becker (front) and  Dr. Bob Chiovetti (back left)
instruct one of the Cryo-in-the-Sun workshops at the Tucson lab.

2. Attending Tutorials & Demos at Scientific Meetings

If you aren’t able to make it to our lab, we invite you to attend a user tutorial or booth demonstration at one of the international scientific meetings we’re scheduled to attend (refer to our Events page).

You can also contact us to schedule a private demo while we’re at one of these shows.

3. Meanwhile, We’ve Got Videos!

Our Downloads page includes a folder full of instructional videos. Feel free to peruse these and let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to being of service.